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​Photographer, Author, International Speaker, Project Manager

Jean Marie’s story is an inspirational tale of what happens when we face our fears. Throughout his life, the Belgian artist was afraid of the water, and of sharks in particular. For over twenty years, he pursued a successful business career, notably as co-founder and COO of a firm specialized in environmental technologies, during which he supervised a group of 400 engineers. 

Then in 2009, in his early-fifties, he decided to confront his phobias, and he learned to dive. This courage lead him to unexpected success, and he soon became known as a shark whisperer.

He seeks to raise awareness of the many threats that our activity poses to sharks and other marine species, and to fight against human misconceptions. Through his work, he seeks to safeguard these species and conserve their ocean habitats.


Ghislain’s photographs were published in numerous books and he soon caught the attention of the international media. His love for nature and his respect for sharks are captured in minimalist yet evocative photographs that seem to radiate a transcendent calm. The artist portrays various shark species in gentle, atmospheric, black and white images, and shows us these predators as we have never seen them before. We are given a new, tender perspective on these supposed monsters, these subjects of our collective fears. This new career also brought him a renewed sense of purpose and inner peace.

He realized that behind his biggest fear lay hidden his greatest passion and that it’s never too late to open yourself up and find your true calling.

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