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.We believe in the power of direct experience

"What are the ways we can make connections that redirect our attention back towards the Earth and the vibration of our senses? To feel ourselves as part of the body of the Earth: this is a memory, a knowing, a wisdom we all deserve. We should all be able to access that." - Bronte Velez,

The Foundation designs and conducts educational programs in the field, both on land and in the ocean, to provide a space for deep experiences to arise in contact with Nature. It will invite participants to have a holistic and spiritual connection with cetaceans and other sea life.


Ocean Seed will initially focus on developing its educational initiatives in the Hawaiian waters, specifically in the area of of Kona on the island of Hawai’i. Aboard its vessel Piko Kai (the navel of the Sea), we will organize field trips for its contributing members and youth in collaboration with schools (notably Hawaiian Immersion Schools) and other educational institutions to offer experiences of connection with Nature and expand their awareness and understanding of  the Ocean and marine species present in the Hawaiian waters.


In our technology driven societies, children find themselves taken away from their senses. We are more and more disembodied and anesthetised. As Bronte Velez expresses so justly: I want to be in my senses, that is when I feel the most wild and aligned with my calling

At Ocean Seed, we believe in the power of direct experience. Isn’t the desire to preserve and care for driven by emotion and, specifically, love? 

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