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Why Ocean Seed?


The seed already contains all the information and identity of its final accomplished form. Whether it be a vegetable plant, a fruit tree, a fragrant rose, or an ancient sequoia tree, it holds potential and promise. The same goes for human beings. In each of us lies a seed , dormant or flourishing- encoded with awareness, consciousness, discernement and beauty. 


How do we water that seed? Nature is one answer. 


By nurturing our  relationship to the living body of Earth * and multiplying experiences of a direct connection with her, we cultivate our sense of wonder, gratitude, love and identity, all of which makes for the creation of fertile soil for an individual to grow. 


The eye of a whale, the laughing generosity of a dolphin, the stealth of a curious shark… At Ocean Seed, each one of us recognizes how these encounters revived us and supported our evolution. 

Finally, we chose the word Seed as it simply evokes the earth, the dirt, the soil. Although our Foundation focuses on the Oceans, we wish to emphasize the inter-connectedness of the Land and the Seas. The soils, the plants, the forests  cannot exist without healthy oceans, and vice versa. Thriving Oceans depend on healthy soils and humans. 


* From Coming Back to Life by Joanna Macy and Molly Brown

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