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The intention of the new film is to put forth not only the beauty and sacredness of Nature but the global environmental and climate crisis, our humanity’s complex relationship with the Biosphere, as seen through a young child’s eyes. 

Children have this innate capacity in connecting directly with the world, with no filters. We wish to convey a message of hope and encourage a revival of our sacred bond to the living Earth, which has become eroded over the centuries as Humanity embraced a more mechanistic worldview. 


We have defined the guidelines of the different sequences of the film- Hawaii, Indonesia, Japan and New Zealand are some of the destinations on the shooting list. Locations have been chosen to bring attention to an environmental issue and/or a local initiative which allows hope for a more harmonious relationship between the Biosphere and ourselves.  


For the first time in the history of Humanity, we find ourselves confronted to a haunting question : what planet will we leave to our children? Many individuals find themselves questionning the perspective of parenthood: act of faith or unconsciousness? In these unprecedented times, becoming a parent is not only a responsibility to the child and to society but also to the Living Earth. 


Thankfully, this context of planetary crisis is also a powerful catalyst: the new generations, children and teenagers, call for ecological and climate justice and are mobilizing themselves for their present and future. As advocates for the Biosphere, they show an unwavering commitment and personify the environmental challenges we are facing on a global scale. 

Through this documentary film, we hope Nai’a can personify the simplicity and spontaneity of a child who has not yet forgotten our sacred relationship to Nature. 


Shooting has begun and we are now working with our production company to find additional financial and distribution partners, as well as NPO engaged in environmental and spiritual causes. 

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