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Mère Océan - Teaser INREES TV

Mère Océan - Teaser INREES TV

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"Gorgeous film. Very life affirming. A deep spiritual connection to the ocean." - James Cameron


Originally designed to be a family endeavor, the project evolved into a book and documentary film. L’ENFANT DE L'OCEAN (OCEAN BORN) tells the a typical story of Leina’s pregnancy in the presence of various cetacean species and the possible influence of their sonar and songs on their future child to be.

The documentary film, retelling the same narrative is available here for rent or purchase: 

We are now in the pre-production phase of the “sequel” - which will follow our now 5 year old daughter Nai’a until she is 8 years old and document the evolution of her relationship with the Natural world (with an emphasis on ocean eco-systems) and her discovery of the ecological reality of our planet.  

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