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 Co-Founder of Ocean Seed, Thalassophi

Cj believes that everything is connected and that our actions and thoughts matter and have a direct impact on our lives and the world in which we live.


Professionally, over the past 15 years Cj has helped establish, run, and nurture multiple restaurants 

and businesses throughout America. With a focus on true sustainability and evolving measures, she has helped businesses reevaluate shortsighted practices, implement new possibilities, grow and expand lucratively and ultimately for the highest and best good for all.

Intuition and guidance led Cj to the oceans of Big Island, Hawai’i in 2011 to be with the wild dolphins. The island would quickly become her home, and a lifestyle shift to living simply with nature and learning directly from the Ocean and her inhabitants became Cj’s priority.

Splitting her time between being underwater, learning directly from the Dolphins, Whales, and Sharks, and with her hands in the dirt listening to the bees, the birds, and the butterflies, Cj has come to remember that nature can be our most present, most encompassing, most wise teacher.

Working with individuals and groups by supporting them in the water, introducing them to life within it, and assisting them with their process (emotional, mental, physical, at times spiritual) back on land, has been Cj’s deeply satisfying work these last few years.  Weaving many of the aspects of who she is as a person and a professional into the world she wishes to create and help re-imagine.


Participating in projects like OceanSeed comes to her at a time when we are actively reimagining our world and completely reimagining business. 

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