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Education. Research.

Awareness. Interspecies communication.



For the first time in the history of Humanity, we find ourselves confronted to a haunting question: what planet will we leave to our children? In these particular times, becoming a parent is not only a responsibility to the child and to society but also to the Living Earth. 


Three years ago, the film The Journey documenting Leina’s pregnancy amongst different cetacean communities in the wild  was aired on French television. We are now in the pre-production phase of the “sequel” - which will follow our now 4 year old daughter Nai’a until she is 8 years old and document the evolution of her relationship with the Natural world (with an emphasis on ocean eco-systems) and her discovery of the ecological reality of our planet. 



"What are the ways we can make connections that redirect our attention back towards the Earth and the vibration of our senses? To feel ourselves as part of the body of the Earth: this is a memory, a knowing, a wisdom we all deserve. We should all be able to access that." - Bronte Velez,


The Foundation designs and conducts educational programs in the field, both on land and in the ocean, to provide a space for deep experiences to arise in contact with Nature. It will invite participants to have a holistic and spiritual connection with cetaceans and other sea life.



Love Japan Dolphins - in collaboration with Yurai 

Music, Film & Love in support of the Japanese cetacean community.

Love Japan Dolphins is an awareness raising movement in collaboration with Japanese, Nature-inspired musicians. 

Our goal is two-fold: 

Shed light- within the Japanese public- on the reality of the dolphins in Taiji and the whales who are victims of the commercial hunt. 

* Celebrate the revival of the animist heart of Japan, where Nature is revered and vibrant with spirit and soul.



Promoting Arts, Sciences and Spirituality for the Sentient Ocean and its wildlife, 

in celebration of their otherness and our unicity; 


Working and learning with the new generations; 


Using a holistic approach in service of a biocentric world view, 

to engage in a reconciliation with the natural world as active explorers 

and participants of its living process.



Thanks for reaching out!

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